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Keramoti is situated in the Kavala prefecture. It is almost the same distance away from the two district cities - Kavala and Xanthis. Keramoti is 18 km away from the Egnatia Odos highway, which connects Thessaloniki and the Turkish border. In direction Kavala - Xanthi there is an exit, marked Keramoti, Thassos Ferry, Airport. The road goes through the vilages of Agiasma and Piges, before reaching Keramoti. In the opposite direction (Xanthi - Kavala) one should use the exit for Chrisoupoli and pass through the town of Chrisoupoli and the villages Chrisohori, Nea Karia and Haidefto, before reaching Keramoti. For exact map of the route to Keramoti, please visit http://www.thassos-ferries.gr/paths-en.html
There is a regular bus service from Keramoti to Kavala (every hour) and to Xanthi (every half an hour). The transport by ferry to Thassos takes exactly 30 min. For time schedule and prices of the ferry, please visit www.thassos-ferries.gr/schedule-en.html#

From May to October there are direct flights from 15 europian airports to Kavala, including regular flights from Athens (twice a day), Vienna, Berlin and Stuttgart as well as noumerous charter flights.

At 10 km from Keramoti is the Nestos River (called the Mesta River in Bulgaria), where one can enjoy canoeing, rafting, and horse riding. From Keramoti, it takes only 30 min. to reach the Thassos Island by ferryboat.

The weather in Keramoti

You can find out here what the weather is in Keramoti now, as well as the long-term weather forecast (up to 10 days).

Distances (to Keramoti)

  • From Kavala - 38 km
  • From Drama - 76 km
  • From Thessaloniki - 199 km (181 of which on a highway)
  • From Serres through Drama - 152 km, through Elefteropoli and Kavala - 136 km

The two closest international airports are Kavala (KVA) at 12 km, and Thessaloniki (SKG) at about 200 км.

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Although it has until recently been a small fishing village, known as providing the easiest access to the Thassos Island by ferry, Keramoti has now turned into an attractive destination for family vacations and ecotourism. The little town is situated on a picturesque small peninsula 38 km East of Kavala and is surrounded by a gorgeous (10 km long, 80-100 m wide) incredibly nice sandy beach, stretching beyond the mouth of the Nestos river. There are neither big tourist crowds, nor lustrous hotels in Keramoti and that’s exactly what makes it so charming. The small hotels, private homes and blocks comprising several studios or apartments can provide accommodation for no more than 1000 tourists.
Everything in the town is within walking distance. There is no frequent traffic, which makes the streets ideal for walks and cycling. The picturesque embankment, where one can get on the shortest ferry line to the Thassos island (30 min) is dotted with small and neat taverns, coffee-shops and pastry-shops. At the quay side one can see at all times a bunch of passionate anglers. The stunning sandy beach is on the other side of the miniscule peninsula, which is only 200 m large in its closest to Thassos section. There are several large areas with lounge chairs and umbrellas and on of them - "Aqua paradise" - has even a huge inflatable water slide - an attraction for children of all ages. 
The sand is fine and beige and the beach - may be the best on the Balkans. The sea is quiet and shallow and the water is crystal clear. The cedar forest, separating the beach from the town, creates a feeling of seclusion and relaxation, a piece of unique summer magic and natural beauty. The scenery is breath taking with the islands of Thassoupola and Thassos at the backdrop.
Keramoti is the perfect holiday destination for lovers of the sea and beaches. A true paradise for pieceful family holidays in Greece!

From Keramoti you can visit Kavala, which is only 38km away and the ancient city of Fillipi . For more info please visit  www.kavala-info.com

You can also visit Xanthi, which is 43km away and is very picturesque with its Oriental district. 

Opposite from Keramoti you can visit the exotic Thassos island - full of history and myths, which is only 30 minutes away by the ferry. For more info please visit  www.thassos-info.com

Every year in the middle of July a Keramoti music festival takes place that attracts thousands of visitors and features many famous Greek singers.

Tourist Season

The tourist season in Keramoti is at least two months longer than the one at the Black Sea. In Keramoti May is like the Bulgarian June, October is like September at the Black Sea, and June and September like July and August at the Bulgarian coast. High season prices are higher (July and August) and the weather is frankly hot. So one shouldn’t necessarily adhere to the habits of going on vacation in these two months mainly. Of course families with schooled children have no other choice, but others would find it cheaper and more pleasant to spend their holidays in June and September. May and October would be a true paradise for those who prefer calm and are advanced in age – the temperature is about 25-26°C, the sun is mild and the water is pleasant for bathing (natives are used to taking sea baths as early as end of April and as late as November)

Alternative tourism

Розово фламинго

Keramoti is the perfect starting point for those who love alternative tourism. The Mesta River (or Nestos River, as they call it in Greece) flows into the huge firth close to Keramoti. The river’s gorge, delta and numerous lagoons, lakes and swamps are pieces of heaven for the lovers of ecotourism, ornithology and extreme tourism. Mesta’s delta region, called Kodja Orman (the Big Forest) is one of the largest regions of damp forests in Greece. In the past human activities have destroyed a large part of it. Many of the delta’s sleeves have been barred and the river has been forced into a single bed.

Today the region is placed under the protection of the Ramsar Convention and Natura 2000. The local NGOs are working to restore its original condition with various projects. They have, for example, planted 60 ha of new forests with typical trees and bushes, or, have worked to reconnect to the river some formerly barred sleeves.

Nestos’ delta is a part of the recently established Eastern Macedonia and Thrace National Park, spreading on about 1100 sq. km from Kavala to the Rhodopi district. It includes 2 big and 18 small freshwater lakes, 22 mixed ones – fresh and salt-water lagoons with large salt swamps and reed beds, as well as 50 km of sandy dunes along the coast.
The magnificent landscape of Nestos River at Toxotes village is just 20km away from Keramoti.

The Porto Lagos lagoons and the Vistonida Lake, the Eratino lagoons and the Nestos delta are a true earthly paradise for the lovers of flora and fauna. More than 320 different birds live here, some of which rare and protected species, rare kinds of eagles, pelicans, ibises, as well as a permanent population of more than 5000 pink flamingoes. There are many turtles as well. Ecotourists can walk 7-8 km along the Nestos river, following an ecopath, carved directly into the rocks. This path is the heritage of the builders of the old railroad, where the famous Orient Express runs today.

Nestos River’s Delta is a true treasure for nature lovers. At points the vertical drop between the river and the rocks reaches 1000 m, making it possible for various forests to thrive here – Mediterranean, damp, mountain ones etc., which provide shelter for a wide variety of animals and plants.

And for those who are full of energy and are more adventurous, at Nestos River you will find an activity center, where you can experience mountain and river sports, There are several companies who offer such as rock climbing, horse riding, archery, rafting, canoeing and kayak. 

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